What We Do

Monarch a new kind of MSSP risk management security baseline data analytics cyber intelligence regulatory & compliance  data privacy security awareness community

The Monarch Grove platform makes cybersecurity easy for firms that use an MSP or in-house IT.  

We do the heavy lifting with your vendors and provide you results.

Monarch Grove provides a simple interface to stay on top of your cybersecurity progress.



Members start with an assessment of their regulatory & business environment, security controls, data ownership, and vendor contracts.

Monarch creates a threat model that is specific to your firm.


Monarch creates a secure baseline that is built from your unique threat model.

The baseline is kept up to date as new, relevant risks emerge.


Monarch identifies security enhancements that matter to your firm and your vendors. 

The Monarch Grove platform monitors all potential risks and tracks them until remediation.


Monarch curates cyber intelligence for each Member based on their unique needs.  This provides the right information at the right time for Members to stay secure. 

No noise, no fuss.

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Monarch delivers cybersecurity in a new way.  Get information that matters and security that’s effective.

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