Monarch is founded on the principle that firms must work together to be secure.  Modern business involves numerous geographically disperse people, systems, software, and networks.  It is no longer possible to be secure on your own because of the external interactions needed to operate.  The best chance of staying secure is to collaborate, cooperate, and share secure practices.

Monarch makes this possible for Members and Third Parties.  The Monarch Grove Platform allows Members to enhance their security with other Members and Third Parties.   



Trusted advisor of financial firms that removes the noise and confusion preventing firms from achieving optimal security.


A collective of security conscious firms that work together to benefit the security of all.  Members and Third Parties will work to be Secure Together.


We are a new kind of MSSP that specializes in all aspects of cybersecurity governance. We remove the guesswork in creating a continuous and effective cybersecurity program. Staffed by cybersecurity experts with years of experience, Monarch is a trusted advisor for the financial community.

We DO NOT have clients, we have Members.

Members make up the Monarch Grove, a collective of security conscious firms that work to be Secure Together.

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Monarch delivers cybersecurity in a new way.  Get information that matters and security that’s effective.

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