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Join the collective of security conscious financial firms.

Don't do it alone...

We work with your vendors to improve your security.

Monarch handles the details, you get the results.

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Financial firms need a trusted cybersecurity advisor who understands regulatory requirements, infosec frameworks, and their business environment. In-house expertise is too costly so Monarch handles all aspects of your cybersecurity program. Firms want to know what is required, how to meet the requirements, and how to validate results continuously.

Monarch does that for you.

Monarch offers members an opportunity to be “Secure Together.” By analyzing member risk individually and collectively, Monarch improves security for all. The Monarch Platform automates the intelligence gathering, contextualizes the risks, and provides a forum to engage with cybersecurity professionals on demand.  We work WITH your vendors to improve your security.

The Platform of cybersecurity intelligence & governance

how we're different

We collect, analyze, and curate cybersecurity specifically to your firm and work with your vendors to improve cybersecurity.

We think in context.

We monitor all relevant information feeds and filter our research into what’s applicable to our Members.  Our system ensures Members get what they need without the noise.  Nothing missed, everything in context.

We analyze risk.

We provide quantitative over qualitative metrics.  Prioritizing actual, measurable, and imminent risk allows Member firms to address what is important. 

We know what matters.

We built a proprietary curation system to ensure no threat signals go unnoticed.  Industry experience tailored to your business environment allows us to focus on what matters.

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Monarch delivers cybersecurity in a new way.  Get information that matters and security that’s effective.

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